Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Grassroots knowledge management


One critical feature of most first generation knowledge management efforts is that they were designed and implemented following the standard corporate approach of top down, centralized, resource planning and implementation. In an industrial environment you can maybe get away with planning processes that treat all resources as fungible. Then centralized processes might be adequate, although you would think that the failure of Soviet style centralized economies would give more corporations pause.

Knowledge work, on the other hand, depends on extracting maximum advantage out of the unique characteristics and experiences of each knowledge worker. Knowledge management, from this perspective, has to be a decentralized, grassroots, activity. If you accept that premise, the promise of weblogs in knowledge management becomes clearer. Weblogs operate on grassroots assumptions by design.

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RSS resource page from Michael Fagan

Michael Fagan's Absolutely Fantastic, Really Cool, Just Plain Excellent RSS Resource.

Michael Fagan's Absolutely Fantastic, Really Cool, Just Plain Excellent RSS Resource

Wow. Michael Fagan just emailed me about his new RSS resources page and asked me for comments.  I don't even know where to start -- and that's not because its bad -- its just plain excellent.  I'm sure in time I can come up with comments but for now run, don't walk over to his site.  Recommended.

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Let me add my endorsement. Definitlely an excellent resource.

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Daily Princetonian RSS Feed

Just discovered that the Daily Princetonian has an RSS feed. It's now in my subscriptions list. Stumbled across it courtesy of another feed in my subscriptions - JD Lasica's New Media Musings. Granted it's a bit limited in terms of general interest, but it's one more illustration of the value of RSS.

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Knowledge management and questions - wisdom from James Thurber

James Thurber. "It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." [Quotes of the Day] [Seb's Open Research]

Too many knowledge management systems think they are about answers when they ought to be about questions. Yet another reason why weblogs are critical to the future of knowledge management.

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