Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Sharepoint Portal Server Resources

Sharepoint Portal Server Resources. This post is a tad orthogonal, but I was recently doing some research on the MS Sharepoint Portal Server and Windows Sharepoint Services (ahh) and thought others might find a few of these links useful. Sharepoint Pricing (roughly USD 7,000... [cms~wire]

Something I'm starting to do some research on.

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Weblog tools list

Weblog tools. Here is a much bigger list of Weblog tools. [owrede_log]

I seem to be on a run of resources to know about tonight

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Matt Jones timelines collection

Timeline collection. Matt Jones is collecting timelines. [ia/ - information architecture news]

Another good resource

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Scott Griffin's bios of internet pioneers.

Internet pioneers. Scott Griffin's masters project features enjoyable bios of internet pioneers.
[Seb's Open Research]

Excellent resource.

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